Para vos ser sincera, hoje estava a pensar lançar um outro post, mas estava sem inspiração para escrever e, na semana passada, estive de férias então tenho imensas fotografias para partilhar com vocês. Cheguei na passada Segunda da Madeira e ainda consegui aproveitar muito o resto da semana. Por isso, aqui está a minha semana em fotos.

To be totally honest with you, I was planning on posting something else today, but I was with no inspiration to write and, last week, I was on vacation so I have lots of photos to share with you. Last Monday, I arrived from Madeira and I still could do a lot of things the rest of the week. So here is my week in photos.

Still in Madeira, wearing one of my favourite outfits
In Funchal we went to this amazing Italian restaurant, Mercearia dos Avôs, highly recommend it
Going back home
Went to Serralves and hang out with lots of farm animals
Saw an art exhibition
Wine dates are my favourites
Went to a shoe factory for the first time, it was amazing seeing how shoes are made
Studio days shooting for Tarda Boutique
Another wine day, this time at Gito, the newest wine bar in town that it's already a favourite
Coffee time
Going back to Winter outfits
A little snack after shooting my ootd
Just the usual selfie after my workout
Started this book, I'll be posting a review very soon
Bought Lana's Interview magazine, so happy about it
Cooked some pasta at home
Super happy because Spring is just around the corner

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