My Week On Film #10

April 05, 2018

Denim on denim, find more about this outfit HERE
Sunny days are my favourites
Cute florists you find around town
Another shot from Portugal Fashion, this was at Katty Xiomara's show
First signs of Spring
A healthy lunch, a vegetarian bolognese, it was delicious
I really love this old buildings

Na semana passada não houve 'week on film', por isso, esta semana vem mais cedo que o costume. Ando super entusiasmada, porque falta muito pouco tempo para a minha segunda viagem do ano e é para um sítio que eu adoro, alguém consegue adivinhar onde vou? Depois mais perto da data, eu conto-vos tudo! Mas isto para vos dizer que tenho tido imensas coisas para organizar, desde a roupa que quero levar, a posts que têm de ficar prontos. Mas por falar em viagens, gostavam de ver algum post sobre isso? Por exemplo, o que normalmente uso no aeroporto ou os produtos que levo sempre comigo, digam-me que eu trato disso!

Last week there was no 'week on film', so this week is earlier than usual. I'm super excited, because there's not too much time left until my second trip of the year and I'm going to a city that I really love, can you guess where I'm going? I'll tell you everything once we get closer to the date! But this to tell you that I have loads of things to organize, from the clothes I want to take with me to posts that have to be ready. But speaking of travelling, is there any post about it that you would like to see? Like, what I usually wear at the airport or what products I always take with me, tell me and I'll take care of that!

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