Lisbon Photodiary III

August 23, 2017

 How cute are this colorful buildings?
 Marilyn Monroe at Pensão Amor and me next to this small garden we found on the street
 Books at a vintage store
 Having a cappuccino at Dear Breakfast, know more about it HERE
 Around Lisbon
 Things you find at Bairro Alto
 Old neon lights
 The Tram
 Just had to take a photo of this car
 Exploring the city
 What you find in the walls of Lisbon, it says 'give flowers to the living'
My outfit for the day, you can see more HERE

Depois do último outfit que usei em Lisboa, aqui está a última parte do meu photodiary. Foi o nosso último dia por lá, mas ainda conseguimos fazer muita coisa. A manhã foi passada no Bairro Alto, uma zona que queria mesmo explorar melhor. De tarde fomos até ao Chiado outra vez e fui conhecer também a rua cor-de-rosa, lá visitei a Pensão Amor e adorei o espaço, se passarem por lá, aconselho mesmo a visitarem, super diferente! Espero que tenham gostado destas fotos, ontem fui buscar as fotografias da máquina analógica, por isso ainda esta semana vou publicar!

After the last outfit I wore in Lisbon, here is the last part of my photodiary. It was our last day there, but still managed to do a lot of things. The morning we spent at Bairro Alto, a place I really wanted to explore a bit better. On the afternoon we went to Chiado again and I went for the first time to the Pink street, over there I visited Pensão Amor and I really loved it, if you're around I really think you should see it, very different! I hope you like this photos, yesterday I got the photos from my analogic camere so I will post it this week!

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  1. Amazing city! Love so much your post!


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