Vocês já sabem que eu adoro música e desde que comecei a categoria de música no blog que tenho adorado partilhar com vocês as minhas playlists mensais, mas queria fazer ainda mais com esta categoria e por isso vou começar uma nova rubrica com a qual estou super entusiasmada. Apresento-vos a #FromMyPlaylist, onde vou entrevistar artistas que partilhei com vocês nas minhas playlists, por isso, como podem imaginar, são artistas que adoro e que me inspiram imenso com as suas músicas. A primeira artista que entrevistei mencionei-a na minha playlist de Setembro e falei-vos de como andava a adorar a música dela. Estou a falar da Jade Bird e tive a oportunidade de a entrevistar. Aqui está tudo sobre o que falámos! 

You all know I love music and since introducing the music category to the blog that I really enjoy sharing my monthly playlist with you, but I wanted to do even more things with this category so now we have a new rubric that I'm super excited about, the #FromMyPlaylist where I will be interviewing some artist from the playlists I already shared with you a.k.a artists that I love and feel super inspired with their music. The first artist I interviewed I've mentioned on my September playlist and told you how much I was enjoying her music. I'm talking about Jade Bird and I had the chance to do a little interview with her. So here is what we talked about!

We are both almost the same age and we are from the time that people still bought records. What was the first record you’ve bought?
I guess our time was CD based, I must confess I used to get a lot of the disks ‘burnt’ for free so it was a little more similar to the access we have now. Probably Avril Lavigne though I was a huge fan haha!

photo by @mynamesellie

And since we’re talking about records, for when can we expect your first album? Are you working on it?

I’m working on it right now. We’re heading to upstate New York to record the final 6 songs for it. It should be out in March next year.

The first song I’ve heard by you was ‘Uh Huh’ and I was completely blown away by it. Of course, then I went and listened to all the other stuff and I feel like ‘Uh Huh’ is very different from the other songs. Is this sound something we can expect from you in the future?
Thank you! It absolutely is, we’re really moving into a more alternative influenced space right now. I’ve been listening to a load of Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth etc and guitars tend to be what I’m taking away from these records. You’ll get everything though from piano ballads to riff heavy songs - I want to give every shade of the spectrum. 

The video is also amazing, I really love the colours and your attitude. What was the inspiration behind it?
I work with this crazy good designer/art director Kate Moross. We’ve been partners on everything you’ve seen since Lottery. She’s a huge fan of colours and I of attitude - so we kind of brought this idea of one concept/one space to the Lottery and Uh Huh videos.

What artists can we find in your playlist?
I’ve actually got a playlist called “it’s raining it’s touring” (I know ;) ) on my Spotify. You can find everything from Neil Young to Autolux to 1975, it’s a mix!

In one of your of your Instagram stories you said that you would like to design a line for girls of all shapes and heights, I’m 5’2 so I would really love that. Is fashion something you’re interested in?
I haven't always understood fashion, but since maturing a little I understand it as a form of art in itself and I’m learning to utilise that. The jumpsuits make me feel so confident a friend of mine called it “power dressing” and I think that’s so on point. The reason I want to make them is to make girls on all shapes and heights feel that comfortable too you know? 

What’s coming up next for you?
We have a U.K. tour in November, and then off to record the album - it’s exciting !!!

Check out Jade's website HERE and follow her on Instagram to keep up with everything she's doing HERE

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