My Week On Film #4

February 02, 2018

 When you find a window with this view you know you have to take a photo
 Always amazed by this buildings you find around town
 My daily fuel
 Really loving knee high boots atm, you can see the whole outfit HERE
 Beautiful light, loving that the days are already getting longer
 Making some oat pancakes
 One of my favourite outfits from this week
 Really like the reflection of the red building on the window
 Empty subway stations
 Nothing makes me happiear than a blue sky
Cute stores

Eu bem vos disse que bastava vir uns dias de Sol e as fotos por aqui iam aumentar, ganho logo outra vontade para fotografar! E esta semana até tivemos alguns dias que pareceram mesmo Primavera e tenho de confessar que me souberam mesmo muito bem. Adoro o Inverno, mas passando o Natal, já fico ansiosa que chegue a Primavera e o tempo um pouco mais quente. Quem mais é assim? Vou aproveitar para usar os meus casacos faux fur, botas, malhas, porque sei que depois vou sentir a sua falta. Bem, espero que gostem das fotos e tenham um bom dia!

I told you that I just needed some sunny days and the photos will increase on this post, I just gain another will to shoot! And this week we got some days that really looked like Spring and I have to confess that felt really good. I love Winter, but after Christimas I just can't stop thinking about Spring and warmer weather. Who's like me? I just have to wear my faux fur coats, boots, knits, because I know I will miss them then. Well, I hope you like the photos and have a great day!

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