Madrid Photodiary II

March 17, 2017

 We just take the city map with us everywhere, very old school
 Breakfast at Café&Té and LI looking very cool in her suit
  We used the map so much that was tearing apart
Our delicious lunch at Tommy Mel's
 Around Gran Vía
 After lunch we had a coffee at Celicioso, very nice place
Exploring Madrid

E aqui estão as fotos do nosso segundo dia por Madrid. Foi essencialmente um dia de compras, por isso percebem porque não há assim tantas fotos! Mesmo assim, andámos pela Gran Vía e gostei imenso desta zona, mesmo as outras ruas por lá perto têm sempre alguma coisa para ver e descobrir. Almamos no Tommy Mel's, mais um restaurante fantástico que têm de experimentar se forem a Madrid. Passámos também pela Puerta del Sol e pela Plaza de España, tudo sítios muito turísticos que vale a pena ver. Gostam das fotos? Para a semana mostro-vos o que comprei neste dia, stay tuned!

And here are the photos from our second day in Madrid. It was a day dedicated to shopping, so you get why there's no much photos! Anyway, we walked through Gran Vía and I really liked this neighborhood, even the other streets around always had something to see and explore. We had lunch at Tommy Mel's, another very nice restaurant that you have to try if you ever go to Madrid. We also went to Puerta del Sol and Plaza de España, both very touristic places, but worth seeing. Do you like the photos? Next week I show you what I bought on this day, stay tuned!

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  1. Adorei as fotos, e agora fiquei com saudades dessa cidade linda!

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