no path can never be taken

January 02, 2013

Zara jacket, sweater and pants; Blanco bag; Converse all star's
"No dream is ever too big. No path can never be taken. And the imperfections we have are what make us beautiful and we must embrace them. The world is our canvas and must live in it with our passion unhindered. Without passion, there are no stories to be told or adventures to be made. And these are the things that keep me inspired and going each and every single day." - Dylana Suarez
E finalmente estou de volta. Fiquei uns tempos sem cá vir porque não tinha mesmo ligação à internet, mas felizmente estou de volta e podem contar com os posts habituais.
Eu sei que já estamos no segundo dia do ano, mas sendo este o primeiro post do ano, desejo a todos os meus seguidores um fantástico 2013.
Obrigado por passarem por aqui e gastarem um pouco do vosso tempo para visitar o blog, sem vocês nada seria possível.
And finally I'm back. I stay for a while without come here because I really didn't have internet connection, butthankfully I'm back and you can rely on usual posts.
I know we're already on the second day of the year, but this is the first post of the year and I wish to all of my amazing followers a fantastic 2013.
Thanks for passing by and spend a little of your time to visit the blog, nothing would be possible without you.

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  1. Leçaaaa!! =P adoro as tuas calças! Tem um optimo 2013!

  2. Nice outfit - I love the sweater!


  3. Bem vinda de volta! Desejo-te um excelente 2013 :)

  4. Adoro demasiado o look!
    Tão irreverente e tão poderoso! E claro, as eternas all stars <3

    Beijinhos :*

  5. Adorei o outfit, essas calças são lindas!!!
    Feliz 2013

  6. Great photos!

    xo Jennifer

    Love your style! Following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow me back! <3

  8. Adorei o outfit! Um excelente 2013! ;))

    Convido-te a conhecer e a seguir o meu blog (GFC | FB | Pinterest | Bloglovin)! :))

    Alexandra A.,
    The Glitter Side @ Blogspot
    The Glitter Side @ Facebook
    The Glitter Side @ Pinterest
    The Glitter Side @ Bloglovin

  9. Gostei muito das fotos! Bem vinda de volta e bom ano! :)

  10. adoro as calças arregaçaditas!!! The way I loooove <3

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our site! You have a really great blog as well. Love your Zara jacket!

  12. Love this outfit, the jacket is gorgeous paired with your awesome pants:) xx

  13. Great outfit! Happy new year....

  14. lovely place and look
    follow u

  15. so chic, awesome! thanks for your lovely comment

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  16. such a positive energy is coming from you

  17. adorei as calças com a tshirt cinzenta! bom ano!!

  18. Amei suas fotos!
    Feliz 2013 auheuahe

  19. Fotos lindas, welcome back. Bom ano novo querida.

  20. super cool Picture
    awesome post
    nice blog dear..
    Hey, lovely! Would you like to follow each other
    if you like my blog and you decided to
    follow me simply leave a comment and
    I will gladly follow back. xox Mez

  21. gostei muito :) great tshirt! xx


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